Handling the hot seat can be one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of the job hunting process. But there are plenty of ways to calm those interview nerves, be prepared and get ready to make the right impression.

First impressions really do count. If you get an interview you can assume that your potential employers already like what they have seen. The interview is an opportunity for you to build on that impression to secure the job. It’s not just what you say but how you say it that reinforces the message you are giving and creates an overall impression of your suitability.

Interviewers assess your suitability for the role by asking questions which give you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities and personality. In turn you can ask questions of your interviewers and assess whether the organisation and job is the right match for you. Be as prepared as possible, researching the company website and the interviewer on LinkedIn. Be aware if the interview will be over the phone, face to face, a panel or competency based questions.

Interview Tips for a Successful Interview
  • Turn off mobile phone
  • Never smoke prior to attending an interview
  • Be natural, confident and positive throughout the interview
  • Do not talk over the interviewer
  • Always give full answers to questions – provide examples
  • Prepare questions in advance to ask about the company/role/culture/etc
  • Remember to smile
10 Common Pitfalls
  • Late for interview
  • Poor personal appearance
  • Inability to express thoughts clearly; poor poise, pronunciation or grammar
  • Lack of confidence, interest and enthusiasm – passive and indifferent
  • Over confident / over familiarity
  • Evasive – makes excuses for unfavourable factors in record
  • Lack of tact, maturity and courtesy
  • Condemnation of past employers
  • Failure to have regular eye contact with interviewer
  • Failure to ask questions about the job