Future Employment – The past, present and the Future

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Future employment began 7 years ago on 22nd October 2007. Having had 5 years’ experience in different recruitment agencies Regan decided to give it a go alone! Before Regan had decided on a company name it was called Regan Recruitment! The name Future was decided because Regan thought it was relevant to people’s Future and Future careers.

Future Employment started out at 75 Bedford Place, in a basement office with just Regan and Roger the fish (Who is still with us now!) Regan began the recruitment process and hired Katie, Lisa and Lisa! It soon became a very busy office which was full of life!

Team Future soon outgrew that office and 3 years ago moved to a more central location, close to the train station, good bus routes and a car park outside for candidates. The office is very bright and inviting!

Recruitment has changed over the years and companies are on a recruitment drive as they want to grow and expand, we have moved to more of a sales specialist recruiter. Due to continued success Regan began recruiting a bigger team. Although sad to see Alicia and Lauren recently go the team now includes Leoni, Sharon and Krishna, as well as the long standing Frank!

The 7 years also sees the launch of their 3rd website, with big thanks to Sean Mullins at The Digital Specialists who has developed Futures websites from day 1!

I am proud of what we have achieved over the 7 years and I have had some amazing people who have helped me along the way.  I am looking forward to growing and developing Future even further and making more candidates and clients happy.  We provide an amazing service and I am confident that anyone who deals with us will be happy with the service they receive. I am looking forward to the next 7 years!

Regan Stewart, Director

A BIG Happy Birthday to Future Employment!!!