What a Night!! The NatWest Business Women Awards Southampton Ceremony!! All that can be said about last night’s awards is that without a doubt it was and will be a night to remember by all. Last night the Awards Ceremony was located at The Iconic Grand Harbour Hotel, where over 260 guests attended again for the second year of the Women’s Venus Awards in Southampton. The venue was ornamented in exquisite decor, by finishing off each table with striking candelabra’s which made the room instantly light up. Each individual table had its own flare by adding a sprinkle of diamonds, making each individual table look elegant and glamorous. The finalists were all full of enthusiasm and on the edge of their seats awaiting the news whether their names were going to be called out, to make them the winners in their categories. Kieron Cox, brought his sophisticated music to embellish Live Entertainment for all. He has supported blues legends and this was without a doubt shown throughout the evening how well and enjoyable everyone found listening to it. He sang various of songs and gave it his own individual flare by making the music his own. By the end of the evening everyone was up from their seats and tables dancing , by enjoying and celebrating the achievements they have received. With an amazing set of finalists, each business woman deserved an award, but there could only be one winner for each category, each finalist did amazing to get this far and should be extremely proud of themselves and everything they do for other people and their business. Every single stage throughout the Venus Awards process is an achievement itself and the winners themselves truly deserved their awards. With this only being the second year running of the awards and how successful it is now becoming, everyone at Women's Venus Awards feel privileged and appreciated that everyone has been part of it. The evening will definitely be an evening to be remembered and treasured by all. Winner for the Employer of the Year Shirley Pinn - Destination Southampton Southampton Venus Awards 2013